Books and Articles. Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book V. Aristotle, Politics. Dworkin, Ronald, 1978, Taking Rights Seriously, paperback ed., Cambridge, Mass.


2001-05-27 · As Dworkin put it in the most general terms: “According to law as integrity, propositions of law are true if they figure in or follow from the principles of justice, fairness, and procedural due process that provide the best constructive interpretation of the community’s legal practice” (Dworkin 1986, 225).

Law, Integrity, and Interpretation: Ronald Dworkin's Law's Empire. Steven Ross - 1991 - Metaphilosophy 22 (3):265-279. Retracing One’s Steps: Searching for the Ethics of Legal Interpretation. 2001-05-27 In accordance with Dworkin's arguments, the interpretation of law should not only fit into the legal system but also be the best normative justification of law as such, this means that not only must the interpretation of the judge's be consistent with the law identified at the "pre-interpretative stage", but also the law must be interpreted in a way which is the best in the participants' mind. literature.” Law-in-literature focuses on the depiction of law and jurisprudential questions in works of literature. What insights can works of literature contribute to the study of law?

Dworkin law as literature

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av S Olsson — different countries and literature on legal theory give plenty of suggestions of what needs suggested by Ronald Dworkin.23 But there is no time to search for it. av H Andersson · Citerat av 10 — 9 Jfr Binder–Weisberg, Literary Criticism of Law (Princeton 2000) s 23, 208 f och 236 ff, om diskurs. 80 Dworkin, Law's Empire (London 1986) s 228 ff. The Higher Seminar in Literature, the seminar series “Attending to Fictional Characters” · 1 February Dennis Patterson: "Ronald Dworkin on Legal Positivism". Hans student Ronald Dworkin utsågs till hans efterträdare till den lediga ordföranden . HLA Harts viktigaste verk är The Concept of Law (titel på den tyska översättningen: The I: Kindler's Literature Lexicon i 18 volymer . av E Björling · 2017 · Citerat av 7 — ”The law as narrative trope imagines law as literature, but literature that is M. Schelly, se Schelly, Judith M, "Interpretation in Law: The Dworkin-Fish Debate (or,  tion to the comparative constitutional law literature not only because it elaborates R. Dworkin, Law's Empire, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 1998.

This is a book about fundamental theoretical issues of political philosophy and jurisprudence. In his familiar forceful and incisive style Professor Dworkin guides the reader through a re-examination of some perennial moral, philosophical, and legal dilemmas.

Håkan Gustafsson studies Legal Philosophy, Legal Theory, and Socio-legal studies. Professor in Jurisprudence, Dept of Law, Karlstad University, Sweden. Critical Legal Theory, Law and Literature, Law and Gender, and 6 moreSocial Sociology of Law, Social Rights, Legal Theory, Dworkin, Hohfeldian rights, and 2  Enligt Dworkin finns det två typer av grunder: grunder som upphöjs till lag och grunder med tyngd. Om två jurister argumenterar om kriterierna för legal giltighet, kan denna inte avgöras genom de kriterier som ställs Literature Study Guides.

Law, claims Dworkin, like a novel or a play, requires interpretation. Comparing the judicial function to the process of literary criticism accentuates the positive portrayal of law and the fundamental role of judges within it. Access to the complete content on Very Short Introductions online requires a subscription or purchase.

Dworkin law as literature

***Click  Do you mean what type of relationship Dworkin believes exists between law and moral principles? Narrative books to better understand political philosophy? 4 days ago It can be said that Dworkin's theory of rights has been highly influential among political and legal philosophers.

Dworkin law as literature

Unlike Dworkin's two previous books,' Law's Empire2 is not an anthology of separate essays, but a sustained work.
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Because of this, according to Letwin, “we cannot separate interpreting a work of art from ‘evaluating’ it. … Ronald Dworkin Law as Interpretation Texas Law Review, Vol. 60(1982): 60, s. 527-550 Law as Interpretation Ronald Dworkin* In this essay I shall argue that legal practice is an exercise in inter-pretation not only when lawyers interpret particular documents or stat-utes, but generally. The Sustained Dworkin Barbara Baum Levenbookt Law's Empire.

literature.” Law-in-literature focuses on the depiction of law and jurisprudential questions in works of literature. What insights can works of literature contribute to the study of law? In what ways does literature enhance our understanding of the law?
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Dworkin law as literature

Ronald Dworkin, professor of jurisprudence at University College London and the New York University School of Law, delivers the inaugural Frederic R. and Mol

18 Feb 2013 Premio Holberg: Simposium sobre Dworkin especialmente con la escuela de Critical Legal Studies, especialmente con Duncan Kennedy. 8. 15 Jun 2016 Secondary Sources: Books: 1) Cohen, Marshall. Ronald Dworkin and Contemporary Jurisprudence. London: Duckworth, 1984.